Squelette Design

The philosophy of the firm is deeply rooted in this basic practice of generating a seamless shell, accommodating clients’ requirements with a broad vision of our design. Interestingly architects- Prashant and Saumil call their firm Squelette meaning skeleton and firmly believe in designing the core, the skeleton of the edifice beautifully and functionally, which ultimately magnifies the aesthetics and elegance of the space. Both the head architects have different ideologies and are unique in their own way.


Ar. Saumil Patel, an MSU graduate is one of the principal architects of Squelette Design. He has an undying enthusiasm to learn and explore new things. Apart from using his creative side in architecture, he delves into other fields like furniture design and interior design. He is ambitious by nature and has a vision of developing to greater heights in the years to come.


Ar. Prashant Trivedi is one of the principal architects of Squelette Design and has graduated from MSU. He tries to learn from his experiences of traveling around. He has an avid knowledge of both design and the structural technicalities behind it. He is very passionate and responsible towards his work. His calm, cool, and collected nature keeps his spirits high and the people around him.